Increasing accruals! Income each hour!
110%-150% в день
В зависимости от вашего вклада, зависит ваша процентная ставка.
Авто выплаты
Получай свои деньги сразу же после заявки.
Заработок без депозита
Приглашай новых инвесторов и получай 10% от их вклада.
Прибыль каждый час
Получай свои проценты каждый час. Выводи или делай реинвест. Не нужно ждать 24 часа!
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        About Us

        RUBIN-PROFIT is a high yield investment company, where every participant gets the opportunity to earn high interest rates according to the tariff plan, putting a minimum of effort.

        RUBIN-PROFIT offers the most favorable conditions for investment, namely, an hourly charge in the amount of from 4.6% to 6.2%. Also in the project can earn WITHOUT investing and WITHOUT RISK with the help of the referral program, which will bring You recurring income in the amount of 10% of each contribution You invited. Commissions are calculated immediately from the moment of entering of the Deposit invited by You referral and You can immediately withdraw or invest.

        We will be glad to see You financially independent!

        PlanThe size of the deposit ($)Profit per hour (%)
        110% per day$1 - $104.60
        115% per day$11 - $504.80
        120% per day$51 - $1005.00
        125% per day$101 - $5005.20
        130% per day$501 - $1,0005.40
        135% per day$1,001 - $5,0005.60
        140% per day$5,001 - $10,0005.80
        150% per day$10,001 - unlimited6.20